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HID "High Intensity Discharge" Driving Lights with LED Daytime Running Lights

HID High Intensity Discharge Driving Lights with LED Daytime Running Lights
RECON's proud to announce their new 35-Watt 6,250K HID "High Intensity Discharge" Round Driving Lights with built-in 3-Watt LED Daytime Running Lights.

This is a first in the automotive aftermarket...HID Driving Lights with LED DRLs built into them for that high-tech no-nonsense look all serious enthusiasts are after. If you want your truck to stand out from the crowd, add a set of RECON Truck Accessories' new HID Round Driving Lights with built-in LED DRLs and Get Lit w RECON Lights Today!!!
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HID Headlights - Off-Road Racing High Intensity Discharge Lights

RECON HID High Intensity Discharge 6,000 Kelvin 6K Headlights
Attn: THIS PRODUCT IS FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY!!! This product is not to be used on a vehicle that is driven on public roads. RECON only authorizes the use of its HID kits for Off-Road Racing Applications such as on Dakar Rally & C.O.R.E. Racing Vehicles of which RECON is a sponsor.

RECON High Intensity Discharge Off-Road Racing Headlights & Ballasts are available in H1, H4, H7, H10, 9140, 9145, H11, H13, H16, 5202, 5201, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, 9009, & D3S and are designed to withstand the high-energy impacts & demands of off-road desert racing in even the most extreme conditions.

RECON is a proud sponsor of both Dakar Rally & C.O.R.E. off-road racing and offers the best H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) Lighting for your Off-Road Racing Vehicle...Guaranteed!!!
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